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Fairy Farm 1.5.6 APK

Fairy Farm 1.5.6 APK

Date Added Mar 5, 2012
Added by Admin
License Free
Category Android Games, Games
Tags Android 2.1 and up, Android Market, Apk, Casual, Free, Games
Free Download Fairy Farm 1.5.6 APK at www.mobiles10.com for free. For more details about it please see the overview below.

  • Name : Fairy Farm 1.5.6 APK Android Game
  • Version : 1.5.6
  • File Format : apk
  • File Size : 24 MB
  • Developer : Game Garden LLC
  • Platform : Android
  • Category : Games, Casual
  • Required : Android 2.1 and up
  • Compatible Devices : Android Phone & Tablet
  • Screen Resolution : -
  • Description : Free download Fairy Farm 1.5.6 for your mobile phone at www.mobiles10.com.

    Create your own Fairy Tale!

    Copyright (c) 2011-2012 Startek Invest Limited

    The cutest game on social networks comes to your mobile device!

    - No Internet connection required! Play wherever and whenever you want!
    - Play in English, German, Spanish or Russian!
    - Regular updates! Unique content added with each and every one of them!
    - Discover more than 30 magic plants and trees. Plant, tend and harvest your way to the heights of arcane wisdom
    - Tame 20 cute animals including Unicorns, Peacocks and Dragons
    - Use sophisticated equipment to brew potions and carry out alchemical experiments
    - Decorate your farm with numerous enchanted items
    - Get ready for a lot of interesting quests and achievements

    Install the game now and take ownership of your own Fairy Farm! Visit our game group (http://on.fb.me/pjoKPB) to learn about latest news, sales and announcements.

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