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GO Keyboard 1.4.0 APK

GO Keyboard 1.4.0 APK

Date Added Mar 31, 2012
Added by Admin
License Free
Category Android Apps, Apps
Tags Android 1.6 and up, Apk, Apps, Free, Google Play, Mediafire, Tools
Free Download GO Keyboard 1.4.0 APK at www.mobiles10.com for free. For more details about it please see the overview below.

  • Name : GO Keyboard 1.4.0 APK Android Apps
  • Version : 1.4.0
  • File Format : apk
  • File Size : 5.5 MB
  • Developer : GO Dev Team
  • Platform : Android
  • Category : Application, Tools
  • Required : Android 1.6 and up
  • Compatible Devices : Android Phone & Tablet
  • Screen Resolution : -
  • Description : Free download GO Keyboard 1.4.0 APK for your mobile phone at www.mobiles10.com.

    GO Keyboard is the best and the most popular keyboard on the android market!
    GO Keyboard can make your typing faster and smarter. It is a essential choice for android mobile.

    Main features::
    ★Predict in multiple languages and keyboard layouts
    ★Has accurate dictionaries
    ★Import contacts
    ★Support fantasy text output
    ★Support Emoji
    ★Support a variety of themes
    ★Smart to set skin and back ground
    ★Auto-memory and correct as you type
    ★Multi-point touch keyboard
    ★Support the slide input

    Enable GO Keyboard
    First step: after download GO Keyboard, go into the “Menu”, click the [Enable GO Keyboard] to enable.
    Second step: long press any input box until popup a menu, choose “Input method”, then choose “GO Keyboard”

    Gesture support:
    Swipe left or right to switch layouts
    Swipe down to close the keyboard

    Support languages:
    ☆Pinyin, wubi, stoke, handwriting and voice input
    ☆cangjie,zhuyin,simple cangjie
    ☆Ukrainian -UG-українська мова
    ☆Bulgarian-BG-Български език
    ☆German-DE- Deutsch
    ☆Russian-RU-Русский язык
    ☆French-FR- française
    ☆Czech-CS- čeština
    ☆Croatian-HR- Hrvatski
    ☆Romanian-RO- română
    ☆Turkish-TR- Türkçe
    ☆Arabic-AR-اللغة العربية‎
    ☆Slovak-SK- Slovenčina
    ☆Polish-PL- język polski
    ☆Norwegian-NO- norsk
    ☆Hungarian-HU- Magyar
    ☆Greek-EL- Ἑλληνική
    ☆Finnish-FT- Suomi
    ☆Dutch-NL- Nederlands
    ☆Danish-DA- dansk
    ☆Swedish-SV- svenska
    ☆Spanish-ES- Español
    ☆Hebrew-HE- Ivrit
    ☆Italian-IT- Italiano
    ☆Korean- KO-조선어
    ☆Indonesian-ID- Bahasa Indonesia
    ☆Malay- MS- Bahasa Melayu
    ☆Slovenian- SL-slovenščina
    ☆Thai- TH -ไทย
    More cool ! More free!

    V1.4.0 update:
    (Add) Add an “Add” button on the left column. You can edit the symbols in left column.
    (Optimized) Change the default theme, more fashion and cool.
    (Optimized) Simplify the functions of “123″ button, reduce duplication of function entrance. ( Click logo to select shortcuts)
    (Optimized) Classification of Emoji keyboard. Make it faster to find your needed emotions.
    (Fix) Press spacebar will change the keyboard layout on dial pad.

    Google Play:


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