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Opera Mini 6.5

Opera Mini 6.5

Date Added Dec 16, 2011
Added by Admin
License Free
Category Apps, Java Apps
Tags Browser, J2ME, Java
Free Download Opera Mini 6.5 at www.mobiles10.com for free. For more details about it please see the overview below.

Opera-Mini-6.5 [mobiles10.com]

  • Name :  Opera Mini 6.5
  • Version :  v6.5
  • File Format : jar
  • File Size : 290 KB
  • Developer : Opera
  • Platform : Java
  • Category : Application, Browser, Internet
  • Required : Java J2ME
  • Compatible Devices : All phone with support Java J2ME
  • Screen Resolution : -
  • Description : Free download opera mini browser 6.5 at mobiles10.com. Opera has released the newest version. in version 6.5 there are several additional features and improvements from previous versions. Opera Mini 6.5 will now show you exactly how much data you have spent and saved. A dedicated page, easily accessible from the help menu inside the Opera Mini, keeps count of how much data you are spending and saving.
    Opera Mini 6.5 change log:
    Added Data Usage view
    Added star bookmark in URL (Touchscreen devices only)
    Added protocol setting in advanced options
    Improved handling of Saved Pages when upgrading client
    Fixed various stability and performance issues
  • Download : Opera Mini 6.5.jar

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