Best Ways To Keep The Mobile Safe From Overheating


In this article, Mobiles10 gives you information about Best Ways To Keep The Mobile Safe From Overheating. 

This question is raised by the majority of the mobile users in the current scenario. How to handle your hot cell phone?

Why your smartphone gets so hot on using?

Try the following tips to keep your smartphone from the overheating! In this article, we will show you the top reasons and also the best solution for that reasons.

Smartphones will use more energy when you switch on the devices with slighter warming. But the overheating issue can be a serious issue, can damage the devices and also affects the performance.

Why do smartphones get overheated?

The smartphones have to physically move things around to work at all, so because of that mobile will generate heat. The releasing amount of heat your smartphone completely depends on the usage proportional to the amount of electricity moving through it.

For example, If you are playing a heavy game which puts pressure a lot on your central and graphics processing units, and SOC. So these units will become hot, due to heavy usage of power while performing the tasks.

What damage happens if a mobile gets overheated?

SOC(System-on-a-chip) :

When we talk about SoC, which slows your device down, sometimes it can be dead that you not even use. If that heating problem is for a longer duration then soc will crash. As there are safety measures in place to keep away from overheating.


Inside the modern and latest smartphones, you will find a lithium-ion battery. These are made up of the latest technology. The rechargeable batteries will allow using both directions like charging and discharging

Lithium-ion batteries are the popular and best rechargeable batteries that are available now. but these will also have some disadvantages.

There are two main problems:

One is that they degrade, even when they’re not used. This happens relatively slowly. These smartphone batteries are really very sensitive and reactive when exposed to heat. Anything over degrees centigrade is going to start a negative impact on these batteries. One of the most overheating symptoms is that it can cause battery explosion.

1. Don’t use the device while in charge:

When you are charging the mobile phone the battery is charging in one way by storing electron in the battery. The usage will use the juice from the battery. If you do both actions simultaneously the burden will increase on battery. So by reducing the burden on battery gives lower heating issues. and also keeps the battery life much longer.

2. Don’t use the device while the signal is poor:

If your phone connectivity signal is poor, the device will automatically change to a better network type, which results in the mobile works lot more harder and it will cause heating. So, try to not to use the internet and the mobile calling while the signal is poor. This will also produce heavy radiation that will have an impact on human bodies. The simplest way to obtain a better signal is to change the location to get better signals.

3. Keep the Up to date in Updates:

Sometimes, the optimization between the hardware and the software will not that much good so they can cause the heating issue due to this optimization issue. So manufacturers will try to fix that issues in regular updates. So always keep your phone to up to date.

4. Remove Malware from Mobile:

Be careful about malware because they can easily spread everywhere. When your cell phone is infected by malware, it will spread malicious data. Some malware will access the soc it will overclock it so it will cause performance issues. By this, it can generate heat. So keep the following to be safe from malware and viruses.

  • Download apps only from an official trusted site.
  • Do not click any pop-up ad on the internet.
  • Do not click strange links, unsafe from others.
  • Scan your phone frequently with anti-malware tools.

5. Don’t keep the mobile in charge for longer duration:

Majority of manufacturers will take care of battery circuits even we keep the charge for a longer duration. But it is recommendable to keep the mobile for longer durations It will affect the battery life and battery span. So by following this, we can keep the battery safe from overheating.

6. Close rarely used apps from background:

There are many apps that run on background that we rarely use that app, will more consume RAM storage, but they will also consume more battery power, and generate more heat from the mobile.

By following the above tips we can get rid off from this and keep the mobile safe from Overheating.



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