Golden Tips To Take Best Photos With Your Smartphone Camera


In this article, Mobiles10 gives you information about Golden Tips To Take Best Photos With Your Smartphone Camera.

Nowadays smartphones are becoming the popular cameras because they are easy to use, and we can quickly snap the picture and easy to share the pictures. Mobiles are becoming portable camera and the quality keeps improving. The flagship smartphones are creating stunning images, but the usage will decide the quality and the perfection in the photos. Photography needs practice, even if you are using a camera phone. If you want to improve your photography skills, we’ve got some very useful tips for you to take the best photos with your smartphone camera.

1.Selective focusing:

It means finding the right object to be focused on either in the foreground or the background – can sometimes make the image better, rather than just pointing the camera at the scene. Some smartphones will let you refocus even after taking a shot to allow you to experiment and get the best ever photo.


Photography is known for painting with the light for a  good reason. The biggest aspect of photography is light. No matter about photos where you’re taking, and no matter what smartphone camera you’re using, the first thing you should do is take care about the where the light is coming from. It could be from a window or lamps, even just direct sun. Once you know the direction of light and quality of this light, you are ready to take the pictures with the best quality.

3. Usage of Flash:

If there is enough light for taking pictures, you should usually avoid using your phone’s flash. While the newer phones have balanced flashes that will do a pretty good job too for light supply, using normal light almost always a better option. I leave my flash off by default and only turn it on when I only need it. If you leave it in the Auto mode, it completely depends on the automated light on the pictures.

4. Don’t zoom Ever:

“Zooming” on the mobile phone cameras is not the actual zoom unless the camera has the telephoto lens. The telephoto lens will use for optical zoom function, the majority of the mobile doesn’t have. In the digital zoom case, there are no lenses moving inside adjusting the field of view; instead, the only thing that is “zooming” is the software is trying to crop the image to show like zooming. You can do it yourself later after taking the normal picture. So software zooming doesn’t work well for more details capturing. while you’re editing the photos so you don’t want to lose valuable resolution of the pics. you might need it later!

5. Composition:

Even if you are taking the pics in your phone that doesn’t mean that the standard rules of the composition don’t apply. You can manually turn on the grid for more accuracy if you want. Colors, textures, symmetry, leading lines, and all of the other composition techniques still apply to smartphone photography.

6. The HDR mode :

we strongly recommend using the HDR mode, present in most smartphone cameras. This mode helps a lot to balance out the lighting while taking the picture. But the lights are not that too bright and the shadows aren’t too dark, so the details we won’t lose. To do this, the smartphone takes the picture twice, at various exposure levels, and then the software will merge all these images into a single shot to get the perfect picture.


By following the above tips you can take the best Photos with your smartphone Camera.


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