Popular Camera Apps For Android To Take Best Pictures


In this article, Mobiles10 gives you information about Popular Camera Apps For Android To Take Best Pictures.

The cameras on the smartphones are a much bigger deal than they used to be. Manufacturers are at the bit to make their cameras to be more reliable, that works better even in low light, and add multiple features that people want. Basically, stock camera apps will do a good job to get pictures better than third-party apps. OEMs will simply know their camera setup better and optimize more appropriately. This is absolutely true for Samsung, Google, and Huawei and other phones that will use AI and other software optimizations with the camera hardware.

There are still many excellent apps to help you get the good pictures from the camera setup. Here are some of the best camera apps for Android!

1.Google Camera :

Google Camera is an official camera app from the Google.  Mostly it will found on Google devices and Nexus devices. The features are limited in the app that it has a small, but effective set of features. It includes a lens blur mode, and portrait mode even for a single camera, and slow motion (on supported ), stabilization, and many more. The only downside of this app is compatibility. You can only use this on devices that are running Android on 7.1.1 and above. It’s free on play store and it’s really good if your device is supported.

2.Open Camera:

Open Camera is one of the most popular camera apps for full-fledged photographers. It has most of the features we discussed in the before camera app and this app will include manual mode. It also includes a timer, support for some of the external microphones, HDR, exposure adjustment, and more. This app will also a better option for both photography and videography from the smartphones. The open Camera app is completely free with no in-app purchases in play store. It’s also an open source.

3. Camera FV-5 :

Camera FV-5 is one of the best apps for manual mode fans. The app is loaded with several DSLR like features which includes manual  ISO, shutter speed, focus, white balance, light metering and many more. It also supports DNG, JPEG, and PNG file formats. This app is support for 30 languages as well. However, it does a very good job of not feeling bloated. It even has support for volume key usage to assign operations. You can pick it up for free or go pro for extra features.

4. Camera MX:

Camera MX is the oldest and most popular in external camera apps. Developers keep on update the app regularly and that keeps it. It works very well for simple stuff. This app has a variety of modes of shooting. You can also use it to shoot both the photos and the videos. There is also a GIF mode to make your own GIFs using the camera. There is a  built-in photo editor can do the basics as well in editing. It is in a decent position as an all in one solution.

5. Cymera:

Cymera is another one in the oldest and in the popular camera apps. It mainly focuses more on mainstream features. That means you will get a bunch of stickers, special effects, filters, and other similar features. It also has an own beauty mode. It also includes an own photo editor built in for minor edits. It’s completely free to download. You can buy additional features as in-app purchases from play store.


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