Top Hidden Tricks You Don’t Know That Android Phone Can Do


In this article, Mobiles10 gives you information about Top Hidden Tricks You Don’t Know That Android Phone Can Do.

Android vs iPhone debate is continuing over the past several years. But one thing is Google’s software is more customizable versatile and than Apple’s software. Let’s look deeper into this, We’ve collected some of them right here in the article.

1.Split Screen :

One of the best features that added in Android 7.0 Nougat is the option to run two apps at a time one above the other. This view will helps you if you want to optimize your social networking, display photos,  or multitasking. but it is a little bit laggy for gaming. A single tap on the Overview button to quickly switch between the two apps you’ve been using most recently from the recent menu.

2. Screen Casting:

From the past several years, The screencasting of an android screen is doing with chrome cast to screens or projectors to enjoy or to stream to big screens. Which you access by swiping down from the top of the screen with your two fingers. You should find a  screen Cast option in this menu. If it doesn’t show the option, then there is also another way to set up the casting feature. Check to make sure you have installed the Google Home app on your device. I hope many of you know about it while using chrome Cast. So, open the home app, click Cast screen/audio from its menu, and choose your Chromecast. Done!

3. Screen pinning :

Let us take an example if you want to give your mobile phone to your friend or relative. But some of you will have doubt about them that your private information or posting to your social media accounts will be opened by them. So in this case screen pinning will help you a lot to make privacy for your data. Pinning the app to the screen means, your device will only run that particular app until someone enters the security code again.

4. Smart Lock:

To secure the device,  everyone will use the locking system in android that setting passcode or pattern for unlocking. Google’s new Smart Lock feature lets you remove this obstacle, giving you instant access to the apps without giving the passcode or pattern that you set for the device. This option contained with contains trusted places, trusted devices, on-body detection features. If a Bluetooth device is connected to android then immediately it will unlock the device without your access this will save the time in the particular conditions. Like the same, the remaining features will work on specified circumstances.

5. System UI Tuner:

The status bar on the top of the screen contains the date,  time, notification icons, signal indicators and many more. By default, it will come to the manufacture from but you can modify it as you like it. So it is used for who are interested to customize their device as their own taste. To enable this first swipe down to access notification panel, then you will see a gear icon, press and hold that icon for a  moment. Then you will see an on-screen message that successfully enabled System UI Tuner. Next, open the settings menu, you will find an extra category that System UI Tuner in the listings. Now you have successfully enabled this feature. open the option, then tap on the new entry, choose a Status bar to control which icons that you want to change, then apply. Done!


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